I am a sociologist studying higher education, science and professions in their socio-cultural environments. My research aims to understand how institutional change manifests in professional practices, careers and organizations. I live and work internationally, in Germany (origin), Australia (resident) and the USA (visiting scholar).

I am currently researcher at UC Berkeley, the University of Sydney and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center to compare doctoral education in physics and the social sciences internationally. How doctorates work, differ and change (or not!) fascinates me in theory and practically as enthusiastic mentor.

I taught sociology, science and technology studies, sociology of the professions, higher education, environmental sociology, research methodology and design at Macquarie, Berlin Humboldt and Bielefeld University.

My career took me through different intellectual traditions and higher education systems. This experience encouraged me to look at the social world through different theoretical and cultural lenses. My research draws on qualitative and quantitative comparative methods in a range of empirical fields, including science and higher education policy, governance and funding; graduate education, academic socialization, habitus formation and careers; academic entrepreneurialism, pharmaceutical industries, public health and the professions.

Beyond my life as a sociologist I enjoy sailing, biking, running, hiking, camping and the beach in solitude or with my family. For more details please send me a message or click trough the menu.