As a non-faculty academic I help graduates completing their Ph.D. informally. They call me “shadow supervisor”. My research in the field of doctoral education informs my supervision practice. I think the most crucial but at times very difficult thing in the Ph.D. candidate-advisor relationship is to be honest about the actual state of your thesis, your motivation, current work situation and future plans. If you need a second opinion or just a chat about where you are and what you can do to succeed in your Ph.D. journey, please contact me. I am proud of all students who finally survived the unpredictable challenges of the doctorate. Here are some testimonials:

“If the concept of ‘shadow supervisors’ would exist, it would best fit to Marc Torka. I fundamentally benefited from his advice, methodological instructions, critical reading and analysis and, most important, from how he motivated me.” (Tim Flink, Humboldt-University Berlin, 2016)

“I am forever indebted to my shadow supervisor Marc Torka, for his enthusiasm and guidance, for sharing his passion and knowledge for higher education and for his unrelenting support and encouragement throughout this long process. I have never met anyone who believes in me more. Thank you.” (Janin Bredehoeft, University of Sydney, 2018)

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